Dav Clark, Ph.D. (CV, resume) is the director of Glass Bead Labs. He is appointed as a research scientist at the Center for Neurodevelopmental and Imaging Research (CNIR), building on his role as a co-investigator for an NIMH-funded trial at Kennedy Krieger Institute evaluating the impacts of taiji on adolescents with ADHD. He also maintains a productive collaboration with SHO-zemi Innovation Ventures to develop the use of lightweight mobile and web-based approaches to assessing social-emotional and cognitive factors in tutoring classrooms. More broadly, Dav has been engaged with innovation in social and physical measurement, hosting round-tables with BITSS and DIL and leading instruction for “Hacking Measurement”.

Jean-Olivier Richard, Ph.D. (UofT page) is a fellow of Glass Bead Labs. He is an Assistant Professor of Christianity and Science at St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto. His research focuses on polymathic enterprises of the early modern era, Enlightenment philosophy, and Jesuit history. He is currently writing a book on the universal system of 18th-century Jesuit mathematician and philosopher Louis-Bertrand Castel, and he joins Glass Beads Labs with the goal of bringing historical insight into the development of VR and volumetric capture tools to facilitate multidisciplinary research and the teaching of mathematics and physics.

Undergraduate Alumni

Michelle Galemmo is a undergraduate Cognitive Science and Art double major at UC Berkeley. Michelle is also doing a minor in Computer Science and enjoys blending a wide range of topics and perspectives in her work. Outside of her interdisciplinary studies, Michelle enjoys spending time with her chihuahua and practicing yoga. (Personal Site)

Kishan Patel is a Computer Science and Business Administration major at UC Berkeley. His hobbies include tinkering with iOS and Android Apps to learn the development process and binge watching shows on Netflix.

Diane Wang is an undergraduate Computer Science major at UC Berkeley, with interests in design, data, and sociology. She enjoys full-stack development, and pursues graphic design as a hobby.

Jessica Xu is an undergraduate Applied Mathematics major at UC Berkeley with a concentration in Statistics and Computer Science. She has recently become interested in web development and really enjoys learning how to code using Codecademy.